YZ Systems helps maintain public safety by delivering odorant to Latin America’s largest natural gas distribution system

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Brazil’s largest distributor of piped natural gas, Comgás, partnered with YZ Systems and its channel partner, EDC (Equipamentos de Controle e Commercial), due to an extremely challenging installation. The company provides gas distribution for 177 municipalities that together require an odorization rate between 16mg/Nm3 and 25mg/Nm3. This type of application required a company that could provide a truly reliable odorization solution and selected YZ Systems as the equipment of choice.

The team came together to design and construct a natural gas distribution site with a massive capacity of 250.000Nm³/h at operating pressures between 17-35bar.

The NJEX® 8302 odorant injection system was selected as the best fit for this application. NJEX’s injection odorizers provide proportion-to-flow odorant injection, onboard metering, system monitoring, and alarm notification. The setup allowed for one system to continuously operate, while the other remains on standby.

EDC assembled a skid including necessary accessories that connect to the customer´s main control panel. This installation also offered incredible communication capabilities to remotely access all critical information and execute key control parameters, such as a change in odorization rates, alarm handling, consumption rates and switch between principal to standby pumps under emergency conditions.

Reliable equipment that not only produces sound results but allows for constant monitoring and operation is the key to a safe natural gas system. Contact us or find a location to learn more about how YZ can help your team identify the best system and design an effective installation process.

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Operator: – COMGÁS , Companhia Distribuidora de Gas de São Paulo – São Paulo , Brasil

Location of Installation: City Gate Riacho Grande, São Bernardo Do Campo, São Paulo, Brazil

Operating Conditions: Pipeline Pressure: Mín. = 17,0 barg; Operational = 35,0 barg; Max. = 52,5 barg

Maximum Flow: Q Max. = 250.000 Nm3/h , (10 MMPCH) — 10 MMCFH—

Odorization Rate: Max.: 25mg/Nm3, Avg. 16mg/Nm3