Three Key Principles for Building a Pipeline Safety Program

3 key principles for building a pipeline safety program

Safety continues to be a major driver of the oil and gas market, with pipeline and refinery operators making compliance with the highest industry standards and regulations for safety a priority. A key part of starting an organizational pipeline safety program includes adopting basic principles of pipeline safety in your organization including:

  1. Creating a culture of safety and continuous improvement. While it is certainly important that leaders in your organization define and communicate what safety and continuous improvement mean in your organization, it is equally important that your team “on the ground” are involved in shaping the vision and the methods you will use to achieve it. Understanding and acceptance of your safety and ongoing improvement initiatives at every level of your organization are necessary for success.
  2. A commitment to having zero safety incidents. One of the primary goals of your safety program should be to eliminate as many hazards as possible in order to have zero safety incidents. While this may not be immediately possible, it should be the outcome that every member of your team strives toward and is accountable for. This may seem intimidating at first, but by instituting a committee that can oversee this goal and review your organization’s progress toward it you can create a systematic approach to eliminating safety incidents.
  3. The implementation and maintenance of safety systems. In order to take your vision for the safety of your organization from a plan to reality, it is important to establish and communicate processes and policies that will support your ultimate goals. In addition, utilizing the proper technology and systems that reinforce your safety goals is paramount. With so many solutions available, make sure to do your research to find the solutions that are best for your needs. The YZ Systems team can help you determine how our comprehensive solutions can assist you in meeting your goals and create a safer environment for your team and external stakeholders.

YZ Systems can help you improve your pipeline safety plan.

YZ Systems is dedicated to partnering with pipeline and refinery operators to create the safest possible pipeline operations with a total systems solution that ensures the safety of people and the environment while maintaining the greatest return on your investment. Our team focuses on the smallest details to deliver guaranteed reliability, backed by our long-standing experience and track record. Contact us to learn more about how our systems and solutions can enhance the safety of your operations.