New, Methane-Free Natural Gas Odorization 


Leading gas odorization and sampling equipment manufacturer, YZ Systems, announces the development of a new generation of gas odorization systems, delivering a zero-emissions design, complete with an advanced controller that allows for real-time system monitoring and advanced diagnostics. The ZEO, or Zero Emission Odorizer, supports the Natural Gas industry’s shift towards lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Gas odorization is a critical safety requirement that ensures a safe supply of natural gas to people in our communities. The new ZEO system, built upon YZ Systems’ proven NJEX Odorizer technology that delivers simple, accurate, reliable, and odor-free operation, offers an extended-life design and real-time system monitoring and verification, as well as the ability to operate completely methane emission-free during normal operation. ZEO’s technology offers organizations the ability to expand on their emission reduction plans.

The ZEO is available for a wide range of applications as it performs at low, mid, and high flow rates as illustrated below. 

For more information about the ZEO system and its performance, download the product brochure or contact our experts.