Aircom: IIoT Solution for Secure, Low-Power, Long-Range Asset Monitoring


IIoT solutions continue to expand in the oil and gas industry for monitoring assets in hazardous or remote areas, with new technologies delivering operational efficiencies and cost savings. Aircom, YZ System’s new product line, is an innovative IIoT solution focused on helping customers meet their remote monitoring needs for a wide variety of applications. Easy to install, configure, and maintain, Aircom can monitor almost any device in the field using LoRaWAN connectivity. Let’s take a closer look.

Aircom Key Features:

  • Intrinsically safe (I.S.), approved for ATEX Zone 0 and Class 1 Div. 1
    Compliant for explosive, hazardous environments
  • Secure long-range data transmission end to end with LoRaWAN
    AES-128 data encryption end-to-end, send data up to 10+ miles
  • Low power
    Up to 10-year battery life, can power sensor with 10.6-16.5VDC output
  • Flexible and expansive
    Acts as a datalogger, RTU, or PLC for monitoring and control applications. MQTT and 
    Modbus TCP Gateway option for direct SCADA/DCS communication.

Intrinsically Safe

Connect I.S. sensors directly to Aircom without the need for third-party I.S. barriers

Operating in explosive atmospheres (ATEX Zone 0 or C1D1) is common in the oil and gas industry, which makes it absolutely critical to assuring equipment in these areas meets the requirements. It is typical for manufacturers to run long wires to their I.S. device from a safe area where a third-party protective barrier is located or place these barriers inside an explosion/flameproof enclosure to be closer to the equipment in the hazardous area. 3rd party barriers are costly and require additional installation or engineering considerations. A battery-powered solution like Aircom can be pole-mounted in a hazardous area right next to the I.S. sensors, allowing for safe monitoring while simplifying your IIoT deployment.

Secure from End to End

Using LoRaWAN AES-128 encryption for secure, long-range data transmission

Aircom uses LoRaWAN® (Long Range Wide Area Network) to wirelessly transmit data from field devices to a secure gateway up to 10+ miles away. LoRaWAN sends data securely (AES-128 encrypted) with no recurring fees (license-free sub-GHz radio frequency) compared to what you’d normally find with a cellular data plan. By deploying gateways to cover your desired areas, LoRaWAN allows you to deploy your own private telemetry network where you own the hardware and data end-to-end.

Low Power

Long battery life and digital outputs set it apart from the competition

Aircom edge devices are battery powered with up to a 10-year battery life depending on the application, removing the need to rely on power-heavy cellular networks or run AC power to the device. One of its key features, Low Power, allows for simplified installation and increased time between required maintenance. Additionally, Aircom allows for its analog inputs to be configured as digital outputs to power a device, drive solenoid, and more, by using its configurable 10.6-16.5VDC output.

Flexible and Expansive

Simple and modular, Aircom is easy to deploy

Aircom installs easily, lowering upfront capital and installation costs. Its pole and wall-mounted options make it simple to install near the equipment with no trenching required for power or signal cables. Once the Aircom device is online, simply use the app (iOS or Android) to configure the I/O and begin transmitting data. Get the data back to your SCADA or DCS system via Modbus TCP or MQTT options.

Safety and security are top of mind in oil and gas, and that’s why Aircom fits this industry so well. Not only is it built for the most hazardous environments, but its ease of deployment and low cost of operation make it ideal for flexible, integrated industrial asset monitoring and management.


Contact our team to learn how Aircom and our other IoT solutions bring cloud-based, live data monitoring to your field operations team.