Customized Odorization and Sampling Built to Your Specs with YZ Engineer-to-Order Solutions

When looking to invest in an odorization system, whether that be a high-volume odorization system or a storage tank that fits within your site constraints, staying within budget is most often the deciding factor. At first, designing a system in-house seems the most cost-effective, but considering the amount of time and resources it takes to juggle planning, coordination, design, installation, and service, you may need to look outside your organization to complete the project in a timely manner.

YZ Systems’ engineer-to-order (ETO) team develops customized solutions for odorization or sampling needs and has done so for 30+ years. Clients rely on our experts to customize any of our standard products to meet their specific needs for a more cost-effective and efficient project outcome.

Customized Solutions for Your Applications

From decades of experience working with major gas companies worldwide, we know what it takes to add value to your team and understand that not all standard systems can live up to your demands, or even fit within your space and application. Most ETO requests begin with “we like your standard system, except...” Our most popular requests include:

  • Complete Odorant Injection Buildings - Our ETO turn-key odorant injection buildings include odorant injection equipment, tubing installation, and electrical installation. Customized buildings allow for optimized space and are rated for Class 1 Division 1 hazardous areas.
  • High Volume Odorizers - The HVO is YZ Systems’ purpose-built high-volume solution. It injects at a customer-specified rate while automatically adjusting to changes in pipeline flow rates and pump variability. This zero-emission design helps customers meet their sustainability goals in the highest flow applications.
  • NJEX Odorant Injection Systems - YZ’s legacy and ZEO odorization systems can be customized to offer multiple NJEX cabinets on a single skid for optimized space, stainless steel cabinets for dual NJEX systems, and more.
  • Specialized Storage Tanks - Our custom storage tanks are designed with capacities up to 10,000 gallons, extra ports for additional pressure and level monitoring options, double-wall tanks, and marine paint for clients with the most demanding applications.
  • Versatile Multi-Vessel Sampling Skids - Multi-vessel skid packages for light liquid and crude oil sampling offer up to six accumulator vessels on a single skid, custom valving and tubing options, solenoid valves for system purge, accumulator vessel select, and more for versatility and scalability in operations.

Your future growth goals and plans are an important part of these custom builds. In our most recent ETO project, we worked with a client for who we had built a customized building 10 years ago, in which we left additional space for scalability of future odorization systems. We installed two ZEOs, the new Zero Emission Odorizer, and performed customized electrical and tubing work. The forethought that went into the initial project saved our client both time and money.

Coordinating an ETO Project

After fully scoping out the project, typically within a week's turn-around, the YZ team provides a quote. Upon agreement, YZ manages the project from design to production. Timeline and shipping are planned into the schedule, relayed to the client, and preparations for the project begin.

While we take the heavy lifting off your team, we stay in constant communication with you throughout the whole process to make sure the project aligns with changes that may have occurred, from project details such as sizing and environment to shifts in timeline, delivery, and installation.

Stefan Kozak, ETO and Manufacturing Engineering Manager, is confident in the ability of his team to deliver every engineer-to-order solution within the set timeline to YZ level of quality. “We go the extra mile. Designing the solution, building it, coordinating the whole project. We’ll do everything we can to help the customer out.”

When deciding to work with YZ Systems on an ETO solution, you can count on us to coordinate the project from start to finish with our technical expertise, regulatory knowledge, and built-in testing and safety protocols — helping you avoid barriers that can often cause delays and cost overages when handling in-house.

Service and Training for Your ETO Solution

YZ Systems’ dedicated service technicians are available to assist with system commissioning and training. This helps ensure the final step in the process is smooth and your team is comfortable with operating the system.

If you are interested in a YZ System solution but are not sure if the standard systems best fit your application, contact our team of experts to learn more about our ETO offering and capabilities.