Meet Louis VIVOLA: Sharing Expertise in Odor, Chemistry, and Gas Odorisation in Europe

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Meet Louis VIVOLA, YZ Business Development Manager – Europe

Louis VIVOLA, Business Development Manager Europe, recently joined the YZ Systems team to support developing markets and territories for the YZ portfolio in Europe. Louis brings a strong background in chemistry with a specialization in the odor market, instrumentation, and gas analyzers.

Can you share your professional background in and out of the oil & gas industry?

While my background is in chemistry, my career in oil & gas began with Gaz de France (acquired by Engie), where I worked on gas odorization activities on-site at a gas storage facility. Since then, I have worked in a range of positions, several of which overlapped with either oil & gas or odorant-based markets. I spent time at a small company designing products using chemical additives to treat odors. At another company, I specialized in organoleptic solutions and electronic noses to position laboratories solutions to on-field applications. My position with CHROMATOTEC brought me back to the gas industry. These roles have allowed me to consolidate a position in the odor market with a specialization in analytical instrumentation and gas analyzers.

What brought you to YZ Systems?

The association of YZ Odorant Injection systems with gas analyzers helps users to reduce their odorant consumption of thousands of gallons per year, offering a fast ROI on their installation. When YZ offered me the opportunity to deploy their 70 years of success to the European market backed by the Milton Roy European presence and support, I accepted with great enthusiasm!

How will your previous experience support YZ customers?

In my most recent position at CHROMATEOTEC, I supported oil & gas markets for gas analyzers, odorisation and air quality control equipment. Many of the relationships I built in this role are with customers of YZ Systems as well. This experience allowed me to lean on my scientific background and knowledge of odorants, while also hearing directly from customers regarding the products, features, and specs that they need to be successful in the oil & gas industry. I am now familiar with customer’s challenges and applications.

What is one of the most significant challenges you are seeing in the industry?

In some European countries, the gas is odorised on the transmission network with centralized odorisation while others are only odorising gas locally when it enters the distribution network. With the advent of biomethane injection into natural gas grids, deploying reliable odorisation systems has become more and more crucial to maintain safety in gas distribution. The demand for high performance gas injection units is fully respective of environments and neighborhoods who may be affected if odor levels are high. I’m excited to speak with others about YZ’s new Zero Emission Odorisation (ZEO) as it will meet this challenge with an odor-free system from a well-recognized industry leader.

Interested in learning more about Louis or connecting with him for a project? You can reach out regarding Odorant Injection Systems or sampling device for oil & gas market in Europe via or LinkedIn.