Biomethane and Renewable Natural Gas Odorization

Odorization for Biogas / Biomethane / RNG

Organic material, such as landfill and feedstock naturally generates biogas. This biogas is purified to produce biomethane, also known as Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), which is an attractive renewable source used for generating energy, such as electricity, heat and fuel.

Europe is the leading producer of biomethane in the transport or distribution gas grids to generate heat and electricity or to fuel transport vehicles. North America is also seeing an increase in RNG production as an alternative energy source.

Biomethane / RNG, like natural gas, is colorless and odorless. So to ensure public safety it must be odorized before being injected into transmission or distribution grids. Biomethane odorization is the process of adding THT or Mercaptan blends (such as TBM, DMS, or other types of odorants) to gas to ensure it is readily detectable to the human nose at one fifth the lower explosive limit (LEL), which is critical for safe gas consumption.


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With almost 75 years experience, YZ Systems is the leader in the odorization of natural gas and has specialized odorizers for biomethane / RNG to effectively handle the low-flow and hazardous environments in the industry.

All our systems are designed for ease of service and reliable operation in hazardous areas (ATEX and CID1).

YZ Systems provides robust odorization systems for RNG:

LVO Low Volume Odorizer

  • Optimised for extremely low gas flows: down to 10Nm3/hr (6.5scfm) which is critical in RNG / Biomethane applications as gas can be very low flow, particularly upon commissioning. When starting up a gas digester, it starts off low and over time it comes up to full production – the LVO perfect for this.
  • The NJEX Low Volume Odorization (LVO) system has been a field proven solution for more than 2 decades in North America.
  • The new LVO Z-100 controller adds key features such as flow switch for odorant injection confirmation, alarm or odorant output pulse and audit trail for record keeping.
  • The tank is situated above, so naturally creates suction and prevents vapour locking.
  • Designed for infrequent strokes.


NJEX Odorizer

  • Pneumatic operation
  • Field-proven as the market leading odorization system in North America.
  • Powerful controller to reliably provide proportional-to-flow odorant injection, onboard metering of the odorant injected, system monitoring and alarm notification.
  • Additionally the system will document and verify injection rates, performance of each system component, parameter changes and alarms.
  • With verometer for pinpoint accuracy: to measure and inject precise amounts of odorant, taking out the guesswork to deliver accurate, reliable odorant injection in any application.

NJEX 6300 Odorant Injection System

ZEO Zero Emissions Odorizer

  • No methane emissions
  • Proven electric pump technology delivers reliability and peace of mind
  • With verometer for pinpoint accuracy: to measure and inject precise amounts of odorant, taking out the guesswork to deliver accurate, reliable odorant injection in any application.
  • Newest controller with biggest display and plenty of easy-to-use features.

zeo odorant injection system Front No Dr 01

Current Projects

A major biomethane gas distribution company in Europe selected our odorant injection systems to equip their biomethane injection stations for the next 10 years. Read more about how YZ Systems partnered with sister company Milton Roy, to deliver this key sustainability win for GRDF biomethane project.


System Design

We have an expert in-house team to handle system design and Engineer-to-order (ETO) to meet your specific requirements. We can customize our standard products, custom skid or tank configurations. We can create and construct specific configurations according to your needs.


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