Decreasing Methane Emissions

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As the world continues to push towards greener technologies, many companies are putting methane reduction plans in place to reach a goal of reduced, or even net-zero, emissions. YZ Systems is helping natural gas utilities achieve zero methane emission with new, first-of-its-kind technology that delivers natural gas odorization with no emissions. 

Let's take a closer look at methane, its impacts, and what steps companies are taking to reduce industrial methane emissions into the atmosphere. 


How Much Methane is in the Air? 

Methane (CH4) is a naturally occurring gas that is released organically from soil, fire, earthquakes, wetlands, and from chemical reactions in the atmosphere. However, methane in the air also stems from energy, industry, agriculture, and waste management activities.

According to a 2018 greenhouse gasses report by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, methane accounts for 50-60 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions derived from human activities.


Impacts of Methane on Humans and the Environment

Methane is closely tied to global warming since it traps heat in the atmosphere. At a high level, just some of the effects of global warming include:

  • Increased temperate and weather extremes, including droughts and precipitation-based events
  • Risks to human health, food and water supply, and economic growth
  • Thawing ice sheets that lead to rising sea levels and higher ocean temperatures, impacting pH levels, biodiversity, and marine ecosystems
  • Land-based species loss and extinction

Methane emissions in the United States decreased by 18.1 percent between 1990 and 2018, indicating progress in the efforts to reduce greenhouse gases. Many countries are aiming for drastically reduced, or even zero, emissions. The UN’s Climate and Clean Air Coalition targets a potential 40% emissions reduction globally by 2030.


Upgrade Equipment to Reduce Methane Emissions

While social and political changes on a global scale are underway, natural gas utilities are reducing greenhouse gas emissions through infrastructure modernization with new and advanced technologies that incorporate smart innovation.

Methane-Free Natural Gas Odorization
Join YZ’s environmentally sustainable approach to natural gas odorization with the new ZEO Zero Emission Odorizer system, designed to advance the oil and gas industry’s move towards greener natural gas production and transportation. With zero methane emission within the odorizing step, this technology offers organizations the ability to expand on their methane reduction plans.

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