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With three decades of expertise, we have been the trusted provider of bespoke telemetry systems to gas networks in the UK and EMEA region. In 2018, we developed the concept for Aircom and have created a range of solutions, that continues to grow, for customers around the globe in a variety of industries and applications.

When it comes to hazardous environments like oil and gas, petrochemical and wastewater treatment, Aircom is the perfect fit. Our dedicated Aircom IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) product range is purposefully designed to deliver your monitoring and measurement data, and even control for some bespoke applications, in demanding, remote, or difficult conditions in a low cost and secure way.

What is Aircom?

Aircom is a range of comprehensive, end-to-end IIoT solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure to enable you to effortlessly monitor, control, and optimize your operations. From robust hardware to user-friendly software platforms, we offer a complete package.

Aircom End To End Solutions

At the core of our solutions lies the impressive LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) protocol with built-in military-grade AES-128 encryption to keep your data safe. LoRaWAN transmits data across the unlicensed spectrum, meaning there are no data transmission costs from the end node to the gateway. Leveraging its capabilities, we offer impressive reach, reliability, security and scalability, enabling seamless data transmission across your network.

The Aircom end nodes connect to wired field sensors using LoRaWAN technology to share data in near real-time back to a gateway, which is then transmitted to the server. The end nodes are robust and intrinsically safe (Class 1 Div 1, Zone 0 certified) so can be installed in explosive environments as standard. They work with almost every kind of instrument to monitor analog, digital and serial communications inputs for things like:

  • - Flow and volume
  • - Temperature and pressure
  • - Events and digital alarms
  • - Oxygen - Environmental
  • - Gas quality
  • - Cathodic protection
  • - Electrical metering

The powerful battery has a life of up to 10 years, meaning the unit can be installed in remote locations to provide data that may have been cost prohibitive or difficult to get previously.

The Aircom gateway can connect with up to hundreds of end nodes, enabling a robust and cost-effective solution for data transmission. The gateway has 4G or ethernet connection options to get the data back to the server or end destination like SCADA, DCS etc. With our proprietary topographical software tool, we can determine the optimal placement of gateways depending on the unique geography of the deployment area.

The Aircom LoRaWAN server, handles the security and processing of the incoming data packet to ensure data integrity and control each step of the way allowing you to ‘see’ data you may never have had access to. The server can run locally on the gateway or in the cloud depending on your needs. Data can be transmitted by 4G or Ethernet to the cloud server and then brought into SCADA or DCS via MQTT, or via Modbus TCP or RTU when the server is running locally, depending on your specific setup and requirements.

Aircom provides a robust and cost effective IIoT solution, made specifically for hazardous environments by experts who understand the importance of data integrity. Join the growing number of industries that have chosen Aircom solutions and witnessed tangible results.

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We manufacture Aircom end nodes and gateways at our facility in Stoke-on-Trent in the UK, and have the worldwide expertise to assist you with your unique selection, implementation, and scaling of our Aircom solution each step of the way.

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