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LVO: The Ultimate Solution for Low Volume Odorization

The LVO is the perfect solution for reliable low volume odorization in RNG (renewable natural gas), biomethane and other low flow natural gas applications.

Its unique design delivers accuracy, reliability and odor-free performance and it eliminates the risk for “vapor locking” at even the lowest of flow rates. The system ensures only the desired amount of odorant is introduced into the pipeline.

Key features:

  • ✔ Field-proven at low flows
  • ✔ Simple to operate
  • ✔ Outputs available:
    • Global alarm
    • Odorant output pulse

Z-100 Controller - (replaces Z65 and Z-200)

Key Features:

  • Alarm Output or Odorant Output Pulse
  • Memory Module with Audit Trail
  • 4-20mA flow signal


— Accuracy: Proportional to flow (inputs include dry contact pulse, voltage pulse, 4-20 mA)

— Verification:

  • Global Alarm - digital output for missed pump strokes and low battery or
  • Odorant Output Pulse - digital pulse output for monitoring injected odorant

— Documentation: Z-100 provides an audit trail of system performance. Including odorant usage, alarm history and parameter changes.

Flow Switch

Monitors discharge for odorant flow
The Flow Switch is designed and tested to be able to detect flows as low as 0.04cc reliably on the discharge of the injection pump.

Flow switch with labels denoting various elements

The LVO is perfect for odorization in RNG (renewable natural gas) / biomethane applications.  Learn more about our work in this important element for the renewable energy sector.

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