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ZEO Zero Emission Natural Gas Odorization System

Introducing the ZERO Emission Odorizer (ZEO) System

Our new ZEO is the next generation of natural gas odorization systems. The ZEO system provides all of the advantages of YZ's NJEX odorant injection systems in a simple, compact design without any methane emissions during normal operation. The zero-emission design consolidates the NJEX design, incorporates the proven mROY electric pump, and is controlled by the new N400 controller.

Best fit: The ZEO is a "total systems approach" designed to be an incredibly versatile system for low, mid, and high flow rates. This makes it ideal for scalability.

Process Control: The consolidated design simplifies operation and maintenance. Standard features include a double diaphragm pump, known volume Verometer, and the N400 controller to limit process disruptions.

Verification: With real-time system monitoring, documentation, and a paperless audit trail, the new N400 controller provides enhanced diagnostics and troubleshooting features.

Customer Service: The ZEO is covered by YZ Technical Service, which is a dedicated global team of experienced engineers and field service technicians available 24 hours a day.




Key Components