Natural Gas Odorizer System Applications

Accurate, reliable odorant injection ensuring safe delivery of natural gas

Natural gas has become a critically important energy source for the future. The abundance of natural gas, its favorable impact on the environment and its use across all sectors of the economy means natural gas will play an increasingly important role in meeting the global demand for energy.

It is important to note a key driver for demand of natural gas has been and will continue to be public safety. Since natural gas has no color and rarely has a detectable odor, a "mission critical" process in delivering natural gas safely is a robust odorant injection program.

YZ's natural gas odorizer systems are engineered to measure and inject precise amounts of odorant, delivering accurate, reliable injection. YZ's NJEX delivers accurate, reliable injection, and offers versatile solutions to accommodate a wide range of performance requirements. Standard design features simple operation that easily configures to your unique application.

Odorization, or odorant injection of natural gas is an essential process in the production and distribution of gas to homes, businesses, and other facilities. When selecting a natural gas odorization system, YZ's certified odorization systems provide you with the most reliable and consistent way to add odor to natural gas. Certified systems are uniquely designed to:

  • Monitor and compensate for pump performance and temperature to ensure constant injection by using a verometer.
  • Minimize the chance of leakage with minimum tubing connection. The more the tubing, the more complicated the systems to be, so this also makes it easier for the operator.
  • Operate odor free. If there is any smell of odorant, it could cause a false concern that there is a natural gas leak. Not all chemical injection pumps are suitable for use on odorant due to its unique characteristics.
  • To send alarms when levels are not correct
  • Provide easy maintenance to allow for issues to resolved ASAP. Unplanned downtime is more dangerous in these applications. Standard systems can make things easy for customers across the world.
YZ provides a wide range of odorization products and systems to meet all your odorization needs.


Our odorant injection systems help customers ensure the gas supply within a community is operating safely. Our systems provide a paperless audit trail that documents and verifies performance of the system in real time.

Natural gas odorizer - Pipeline
NJEX7300 Odorant Injection System

Odorant Injection Systems

NJEX odorization systems, proven for quality and reliability, provide for proportional-to-flow odorant injection, onboard metering, and real-time system monitoring and alarm notification.

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