Biomethane and Renewable Natural Gas Odorization

Biomethane (renewable gas) is produced from biogas derived from organic material, making it an attractive renewable source (such as hydrogen) used for generating energy, such as electricity, heat and fuel. Europe is the leading producer of biomethane in the transport or distribution gas grids to generate heat and electricity or to fuel transport vehicles.

As natural gas, biomethane or hydrogen odorization is a must before injection in gas grids. Odorization is the process of adding THT or Mercaptan blends (such as TBM, DMS, or other types of odorants) to the biomethane or hydrogen, making it easy to detect, which is critical for safe gas consumption.

YZ Systems provides robust solutions to odorize low renewable gas flow rate of biomethane or hydrogen with minimum metering volume. Our NJEX Low Volume Odorization systems combine a Milton Roy pump with YZ Systems Odorization technology. An advanced controller is available for remote control and maintenance with secure data access for full monitoring and traceability of important parameters. Systems can be installed inside or outside directly connected to a pipeline.