Benefits of odorization systems over chemical injection systems

Engineer looking at new natural gas odorization system

Odorization systems offer several benefits over typical chemical injection systems in the odorization process. Here are some advantages: 

  1. Designed for the job: Odorization Systems are designed specifically for the job of odorizing Natural Gas, RNG, Biomethane, LNG and LPGDesigning the system specifically for this application means ensuring it can be serviced safely as any type of leak could cause nearby dwellings to think there is a gas leak and call the authorities. The system must also reliably operate proportional to gas flow at a specific injection rate set by the customer with the necessary audit trail for this mission critical application 

  1. Accuracy and consistency: Odorization systems are equipped with precise measurement and control mechanisms to ensure accurate and consistent dosing of odorants into the gas stream. They use advanced technologies like known-volume meters, flow meters, sensors, and control algorithms to maintain a consistent odorant concentration, regardless of changes in gas flow rates or ambient conditions. 

  1. Improved reliability and maintenance: Odorization systems are built with robust components and are subject to rigorous testing and quality control measures. This attention to quality and reliability reduces the likelihood of system failures or breakdowns, ensuring continuous odorization operations.  

  1. Documentation and traceability: Odorization systems typically provide comprehensive documentation and traceability features. This includes recording important data such as odorant consumption, system performance, and maintenance logs. Such documentation is valuable for regulatory compliance, audits, and troubleshooting. It also aids in maintaining historical records and enables better analysis and optimization of the odorization process. 

  1. Integration capabilities: Odorization systems are often designed to integrate with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems or other centralized control systems. This integration allows for seamless monitoring and control of the odorization process, facilitating remote operation, data analysis, and real-time alarms or notifications. It enhances operational efficiency and enables better coordination with other aspects of the gas distribution or transmission system. 

  1. Standardized design: selecting an odorization system is important for having a standard system across all your odorization points so that regardless of which site a field technician must go to, they know how to operate each unitIf you get a chemical injection system or EPC design, then you often end up with a different system at each site making it harder to maintenance and support over the lifetime of the system. 

While typical chemical injection systems can work for odorization, odorization systems provide additional safety, accuracy, reliability, and documentation in the odorization process. 

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