Successful Gas Sampling: It’s About the Equipment & the Partnership

Sanggul emas distributor interview

To better serve our diverse customer base, YZ Systems works with a number of distributors around the United States and Europe as well as the Middle East. This allows for our high-quality gas sampling and odorization equipment to be backed around the world by channel partners like Sanggul Emas Sdn Bhd (SESB). SESB is located in Malaysia and focuses largely on our range of sampling systems, including products like our popular DynaPak series. We sat down with their team to learn more about how our partnership helps serve the needs of oil and gas customers in Malaysia.


What is your background with the YZ Systems product line?

Sanggul Emas Sdn Bhd (SESB) has been serving the oil and gas industries since 1990. In that time, our company has carried various product lines ranging from mechanical to instrumentation equipment. In 2003, we were introduced to YZ Systems because we had put a focus on growing the gas sampling system side of the business. It was a challenging first 10 years and eventually, we realized we really needed an expert on staff. At that time, we hired an expert in sampling systems and since then, our installation base for sampling alone has expanded to 20 locations in Malaysia.

You can check out some examples of our work here.


Are there key applications you work in with YZ customers?

In our region, the key application for sampling systems is in crude oil and light liquid condensate custody transfer. The most unique application we work in is the unmanned offshore platform; this is where YZ equipment comes in. Their system can work independently from any power source or client because the control signals and control rooms aren’t needed.

We find that more and more customers are looking for a system that is easy to operate, requires a smaller footprint, and, most importantly, fits their specialized purpose – YZ Systems can fulfill all of these requirements.


How is your YZ partnership unique?

At SESB, we provide a complete solution for customers, from installation and commissioning to training, seminars, and product maintenance. Our team also has the capability to complete a site survey for customers, provide engineering with sampling point analysis, or conduct a hydraulic calculation for odorization points. Our services are highly specialized in what an organization needs.

We also actively provide training to educate people on designing and maintaining the best gas sampling system infrastructure. This training extends from the customer or buyer to the system integrator and the end-user.


Where do customers see the value in working with your team?

We can offer more than just the engineering perspective – it’s more of a partnership. Customers really benefit from a full solution experience; we provide an opportunity to talk through the best system for their company’s unique application with a team that understands their needs, the engineering, and the installation process.

This plays into the motto at Sanggul Emas, “Success and Synergy.” Our motto is based on our guiding principles of providing the best quality products and services and working together as a focused team. Partnering on projects in the oil and gas industry can help streamline the buying and installation process, ensuring cohesion, while saving customers time and money.


As markets continue to advance, what trends do you see coming next in natural gas sampling?

Ease of use has been a big factor recently, and we can expect to see this trend continue. Alongside evolving usability, customer service and troubleshooting will likely see changes as more plants turn to outside companies to help them identify solutions.

We expect to also see an increased desire for less emission and the elimination of needing to use natural gas to actuate a system.


You’ve worked with the YZ team for quite a few years. How would you describe their ability to adapt to new trends and how this positions them for future industry changes?

A good product cannot survive without good aftermarket support. Many competitor brands have faced this issue and their clients are starting to remove equipment from their facilities. In this shift, YZ has the opportunity to increase their install base due to their simple and effective approach to preventive maintenance. Their approach is reliable and flexible, allowing customers to immediately take action on maintenance issues through the remote support of a vendor. The need for this evolved quickly in comparison to customer’s other needs, and we can expect to see this service continue to evolve alongside customer requirements.


Learn more about Sanggul Emas Sdn Bhd (SESB) and the YZ sampling equipment they can help your team with, or find your region’s distributor here.