NJEX odorization systems measure and inject precise amounts of odorant

NJEX odorization systems, proven for quality and reliability, provide for proportional-to-flow odorant injection, onboard metering, and real-time system monitoring and alarm notification.

Engineered to measure and inject precise amounts of odorant, NJEX delivers accurate, reliable injection, and offers versatile solutions to accommodate a wide range of performance requirements. Standard design features simple operation that easily configures to your unique application.

HVO High Volume Odorant Injection System

The HVO system is designed for high volume odorization.  HVO is the newest addition to our family of odorization systems.

NJEX Low-Volume Odorizer

The NJEX low-volume odorizer delivers reliability to low flow odorization applications.

NJEX 6300 Odorant Injection System

The 6300 is ideal for lower flow applications where accurate injection and performance verification is expected.

NJEX 7300 Odorant Injection System

The 7300 Series was the first system in the NJEX family and remains the industry flagship for most user applications.


NJEX 8300 Odorant Injection System

The 8300 is designed for high volume injection applications

NJEX w tank 9-2007

NJEX Tanks & Skids

NJEX offers a complete systems approach for all of your odorant injection applications.


Sentry4 is a powerful tool allowing any organization the ability to remotely monitor in “real time” the operation of every NJEX installation in their system.

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