HVO Odorant Injection System


Designed for high volume odorization, the HVO is the newest addition to our family of odorization systems.

The HVO High Volume Odorizer is designed for ultra-high accuracy and precision high volume injection.  HVO injects at a customer-specified rate while automatically adjusting to changes in process flow rates and pump variability. HVO Features a large touch-screen interface with multiple layers and trend graphing, remote communication for seamless integration, and includes more than 25 customer adjustable parameters.

  • Zero emission design
  • Standard platform
  • Closed loop prime and purge
  • Auto compensating
  • Graphs, trends, reports
  • Auto switchover to backup in case of system alarm

Smart mRoy (Electric Pump)

  • Capacity: 11.4 GPH (per pump) @ 1500 psi
  • Double diaphragm design eliminates unscheduled repairs
  • 316 SS head, hydraulically actuated diaphragm
  • 1/2 horsepower, explosion-proof motor

YZ Systems

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