Meet Eric Schaumloffel, YZ System's Aircom Business Development Manager

Eric Schaumloffel has recently joined the YZ Systems team as the new Aircom Business Development Manager. We recently sat down with him to learn more about his background, new role, and goals.

Let’s begin with your background. What brought you to YZ Systems?

I previously served as Business Development Manager for BWF Envirotec (HQ-Offingen, Germany) and Consolidated Analytical Systems (CAS), with the latter providing my introduction to the Natural Gas Industry (NGI). There is a relatively close-knit group of suppliers to the NGI, and through years of attending conferences and while serving on NGI committees, I have been able to gain significant knowledge and build formative relationships. One prime example is Louis Vivola, YZ Systems European Sales Manager, who I met seven years ago while we both held positions with different companies. Having the opportunity to reconnect and work with Louis and other YZ team members was a significant draw for me to join the team.

What are some key areas you explore in your role as BDM?

Specifically, in relation to Aircom, I’m working with the team to fully understand the many capabilities Aircom’s technology brings to our customers within various industries on a global scale. This means being hands-on, setting up Teams introductions and field demonstrations with customers around the globe. Collectively, we are actively learning from our customers where and how Aircom can fill data collection and systems control gaps to help our clients optimize their operations.

How does Aircom stand out as a YZ Systems solution?

Being an IIoT solution, there is a large opportunity for Aircom within the Natural Gas industry, where YZ Systems has a reputation for systems performance excellence. Because of its range of capabilities, Aircom has the potential to expand into industries beyond the NGI. Examples of other potential markets for Aircom deployment we are currently examining are wastewater, water treatment, and environmental monitoring. As a sensor-agnostic telemetry device, Aircom has broad application potential.

What industry trends have you observed in relation to Aircom and data efficiencies?

Regardless of industry, data collection capabilities have often been limited due to costs of implementation, site accessibility, access to power sources, and recurring data fees. Because Aircom can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively in challenging environments, we are able to eliminate many of the barriers to expanded field data collection. Aircom deployment presents our customers with the ability to streamline or eliminate the need for large numbers of cellular modems, thus reducing recurring costs for data plans.

Aircom’s use of AES 128 data encryption provides end-to-end security from the edge device to the server. In today’s climate of increased threat of cybersecurity attacks, secure data transmission is critical to our clients.

What is your favorite part of working at YZ Systems?

YZ Systems’ team is a collection of passionately engaged and focused individuals, with a shared commitment to achieving success for the company and more importantly, for our customers. Our global team communicates regularly to make sure we are aligned on how to best serve our partners. Sharing knowledge of product application successes increases our awareness, and thus opportunities, to facilitate growth across the YZ Systems business spectrum. 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Enjoying time with my family and watching my two teenage sons grow up. Watching my 11th-grade son play tennis for his high school or when he is on stage to speak before his classmates as President of his class is both humbling and inspiring to me. I equally appreciate our 7th grader’s dedication to his schoolwork and watching him playing baseball. Every day I am afforded opportunities to learn from the many great people I am blessed to be surrounded by both personally and professionally.


Interested in learning more about Eric or connecting with him regarding Aircom? Contact us today.