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DURASITE Constant Pressure Sample Cylinder

DURASITE offers years of accurate, trouble-free sample gathering.

The DURASITE sample cylinder is a portable sample vessel for transporting a liquid or gas hydrocarbon sample from its source to an analyzer. The cylinder design enables the product to be sampled and stored at pipeline conditions throughout the sample period and during final lab analysis.

This unit incorporates a free-floating piston design to provide a product chamber and a pre-charge chamber. Once a pre-charge of inert gas has been applied to the DURASITE Cylinder, constant pressure of the product can be maintained during sampling, transit and evacuation.

The DURASITE is a patented product from YZ Systems and is DOT approved (Patent #4,409,850, DOT exemption #8757). Our DOT certification allows the transport of hydrocarbons up to 1,800 psig by motor vehicle or cargo aircraft. The magnetic volume indicator “bullet” from YZ Systems provides excellent visual indication of the product. Internally, a patented design incorporates an inert mixing ball to allow safe product mixing.

The DURASITE constant pressure sample cylinder is part of YZ's line of light liquid and gas sampling products. YZ has been providing these products to the energy industry for over 60 years. Our innovative design offers a versatile solution to a wide range of sampling applications such as propane, butane and other refined products.

Our innovative sampling equipment delivers accurate injection while our versatile solutions accommodate a wide range of performance requirements. Commitment to quality is our top priority to ensure the protection of your most precious assets. Whether using natural gas or crude oil, YZ's products are manufactured with quality and precision and offer a standard, simple and reliable family of systems. The goal of our designs is to deliver a representative sample month after month, year after year.