YZ Systems Verometer – Odorant Meter

Designed for precision odorant injection, Verometers are a key component in NJEX odorant injection systems

YZ Systems Verometer – Odorant Meter



YZ Systems Verometer technology is used in NJEX and NJEX ZEO odorizers to precisely meter the odorant injected in real-time. The verometer is constantly communicating real-time information to the N-300 and N-400 controllers where that information is fed into the control algorithm, forming a robust, field proven solution for accurate odorant injection.

The Verometer is a known volume meter with one moving piece that provides accurate, temperature compensated system verification. YZ Systems Verometer technology is developed by YZ Engineers with decades of expertise with this application and technology. In standard operation, odorant is pushed into the verometer by the fill valve (NJEX) or the transfer pump (NJEX ZEO) from the bulk storage tank, with the pump receiving its odorant supply from the verometer.

YZ Systems verometer technology is found across the range of its products, including the NJEX 6300, 7300, and 8300 series of odorizers, the NJEX zero emission odorizer (ZEO), and the high volume odorizer (HVO). The verometer allows the NJEX range of odorizers to measure and inject precise amounts of odorant, taking out the guesswork to deliver accurate, reliable odorant injection in any application.