NJEX 8300 Odorant Injection System


The NJEX 8300 Odorant Injection System, designed for high volume injection applications.

The 8300 is designed for high volume injection applications.  The dual configuration (8302) will accurately inject up to 136 gallons per day.  This system has provided reliable performance at critical injection points worldwide for many years.

This proven system reliably provides proportional-to-flow odorant injection, onboard metering of the odorant injected, system monitoring and alarm notification.  Additionally, the system will document and verify injection rates, performance of each system component, parameter changes and alarms.

  • Natural gas or liquid applications
  • Odor free operation
  • Closed loop prime and purge
  • Standardized design
  • Remote communication via ModBus or Sentry4 software
  • Dedicated alarm systems
  • Maximum odorant output: 68 gallons/day, 257 liters/day
  • Maximum operating pressure: 1440 psig, 99.28 bar
  • Operating temperature: 0°-140°F, 17°C-60°C (Heated options available for cold weather)
  • Power supply: solar or 120/240 volt, 50/60Hz AC
  • Battery reserve: approximately 30 days
  • Gas flow input signal: pulse (dry contact or voltage)
  • Single or dual configuration
  • English or Metric units
  • Storage tank capacity
  • 20-2000 gallon (standard offering)
  • Larger or custom sizes upon request
  • Containment skid (110% capacity)
  • Power options – solar or AC
  • Enclosures
    • Insulated polyester
    • Stainless steel
    • Sentry software

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