DURASITE Constant Pressure Sample Cylinder

DURASITE offers years of accurate, trouble-free sample gathering.

The DURASITE Constant Pressure Sample Cylinder is designed to provide years of accurate trouble-free sample gathering.

The DURASITE is a patented product from YZ Systems and is DOT approved (Patent #4,409,850, DOT exemption #8757). Our DOT certification allows the transport of hydrocarbons up to 1,800 psig by motor vehicle or cargo aircraft.

This unit incorporates a free-floating piston design to provide a product chamber and a precharge chamber. Once a precharge of inert gas has been applied to the DURASITE Cylinder, constant pressure of the product can be maintained during sampling, transit and evacuation.

The magnetic volume indicator “bullet” from YZ Systems provides excellent visual indication of the product. Internally, a patented design incorporates an inert mixing ball to allow safe product mixing.

  • Oil & Gas
    • Exploration and production
    • Pipeline transport
    • Midstream applications
    • Floating production storage and offloading (FPSO)
  • Standardized designs
  • Commitment to safety and quality
  • Service and support
  • Years of experience and proven track record

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